Chronic Pain

At Alpine Health & Wellness, we recognize that chronic pain is REAL. You will be evaluated and treated in a quiet, confidential, boutique environment catered specifically for you and your family. Multiple modalities for pain control will be discussed including medication management, injections, infusion therapy, physical and occupational therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, biofeedback, durable medical equipment, as well as nutritional and lifestyle modification. Since chronic pain can be quite distressing, Dr. Kesten will also ensure that you are receiving appropriate emotional support. 

In 2012, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) conducted the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) to assess pain levels within the American population. Upon conclusion of the NHIS, they found that "nearly 40 million adults (17.6 percent) experience severe levels of pain," ( Analysis of the NHIS data also revealed that "an estimated 25.3 million adults (11.2 percent) had pain every day for the preceding 3 months [leading up to the survey]," ( Other notable findings from the analysis of NHIS data include estimates indicating approximately 23.4 million adults (10.3 percent) experience a lot of pain and approximately 126 million adults (55.7 percent) reported some type of pain in the 3 months prior to the survey ( Once analysis of the NHIS data was completed, the authors determined, "adults in the two most severe pain groups were likely to have worse health status, use more health care, and suffer from more disability than those with less severe pain," ( The findings from this survey are alarming indeed, and there is ample evidence suggesting that the number of American adults experiencing some sort of pain has only increased since 2012.

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Chronic pain persists and may be resistant to many medical treatments. It affects more people than realized and may profoundly impact one's quality of life. At Alpine Health & Wellness, there is hope!