Frequently Asked Questions

Does Alpine Health & Wellness accept commerical insurance plans?

The only insurance plans accepted are Workers' Compensation Plans. All other patients will be charged a fee for service. Forms can be provided for you to submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement. Please note that it is not possible for Dr. Kesten to treat any patient that is covered by Medicaid.

How much time will I get to spend with Dr. Kesten at each visit?

We specifically designed the practice to cater to you - the patient. First-time patients will spend no less than an hour with Dr. Kesten. This will be a very thorough visit and you should bring any previous medical records as well as radiology imaging/reports. Follow-up appointments will usually take around 30 minutes but will vary based on the complexity of your medical condition.

Will I be prescribed medication on my first office visit?

Dr. Kesten will need time to get to know you (i.e., review your medical history, review any applicable toxicology screenings, etc.) prior to prescribing any medication. This is important to remember if you have previously been prescribed opioid medication from another provider and may be running out of that medication. Dr. Kesten will not prescribe opioid medication on your first visit - there are no exceptions.

Is Dr. Kesten board-certified?

Dr. Kesten is triple-board-certified which makes him uniquely qualified to treat pain conditions. His board certifications include Pain Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Addiction Medicine.

There are other ketamine infusion centers in Denver, so what makes Alpine Health & Wellness unique?

We are very proud of our infusion center and feel that it is unique in that each infusion is designed specifically for that person and each day may be different based on that person's needs. We have multiple medications that can be used to augment the infusion to not only enhance your experience during the infusion but to increase the long-term effect of the infusion.

Each infusion is conducted in a private room that can be customized to maximize the experience. This may include aromatherapy, music, and candlelight among other customizable aspects of the infusion itself. You will never be left alone during an infusion as a licensed medical provider will be present at all times.

Do I need a family member to be present at all times during the ketamine infusion?

No. Due to the fact that a licensed medical provider will be with you at all times during the infusion, it is not necessary for you to have someone with you during the infusion. You will not be able to drive after the infusion, however, so it is important to have post-infusion transportation arranged prior to attending your infusion.

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