Workers' Compensation

An occupational injury is an injury that takes place in the course of a person's employment activities. It may be any kind of injury that results from the workplace, including illness or disease. There are a wide range of factors that may contribute to an occupational injury including workplace temperature, physical tasks, noise, radiation, and employee burnout. 

Slips, trips, and falls are the most common causes of injury and advancing age is the most common contributing factor to occupational injury. Workplace occupational injury statistics reveal that the body parts that are most commonly affected by occupational injuries are the head, skeleton, spine, hands, and lungs. The most dangerous sectors to work in, based on occupational injury statistics, are construction, transportation, warehousing, agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting. 

Common injuries that may be covered by Colorado Workers' Compensation laws may include injuries that may be caused by repeated trauma, mental injuries, physical trauma, or an occupational disease. Common work-related injuries may include bone fractures, carpal tunnel syndrome, hernia, torn rotator cuff, torn meniscus, bulging disc, concussion, post-traumatic stree disorder, and anxiety disorder. Colorado Workers' Compensation may provide reimbursement for all medical expenses that are deemed "reasonable and necessary. Employees may also recieve lost wage compensation.  

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Dr. Kesten is a full level II accredited physician with over two decades of experience treating patients who sustained Workers' Compensation injuries. He serves those who were injured in Colorado, California, Washington, and New Mexico, as well as federal emloyees. Dr. Kesten can help injured workers optimize their recovery with the goal of helping patients return to gainful employment.